Protecting Our Families: Prevention Will Make a Difference

Did you know that one in 10 children will be sexually abused before age 18? That’s one in seven girls and one in 25 boys.

Even worse, did you know that most children who experience abuse know their abuser? 90% of kids who experience abuse know their abuser; with 60% being abused by someone they and their family trust, and 30% by an actual family member.

Despite these staggering statistics, there is hope: YOU.

Truly, anyone can play a part in prevention of child abuse, and that includes you!

Here are some easy ways you can take steps to prevent child abuse today:

  • Pay attention to how our children’s play or meeting spaces are laid out, and make sure there are no out-of-view spaces where an abuser might take a child.
  • If you, your kids, or grandkids are involved in any after-school, sports, or church organizations, check to see if they have policies in place to protect against the possibility of abuse. If they do, ask how they enforce these policies. If they don’t, directly suggest that they put some in place.
  • After you leave a kid with a childcare provider, make surprise visits once a child is in their care. Unfortunately, perpetrators are usually someone a child knows and can be found in youth sports leagues, after school programs, churches, recreation centers, schools, and… well you get the picture. It’s up to us to be vigilant and proactive in reducing and recognizing risks.
  • Register for a free Stewards of Children® class to learn more about how to protect kids. You’ll be taught the signs and symptoms to watch for in children and teens who might be victims of abuse, plus trauma-informed responses to suspicions, ways to intervene as a bystander or mandatory reporter, and more strategies to minimize risks at home, in organizations, and in the community at large. Click here for upcoming training dates, or contact Liliana Will at Liliana@childrenscenter.cc to arrange a private session. All trainings are also offered in Spanish with bicultural/bilingual facilitators. All classes are virtual and FREE!

Another great way to fight against child abuse is to donate to Children’s Center right now. Your gift will immediately be put to work to keep our services, prevention outreach, family support programs, assessments, and therapy programs going strong in 2021.

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