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Spanish Language Website Live Now

Para leer este artículo en español, haga clic en el botón naranja “Traducir” en el lado izquierdo de la pantalla o en el menú “Seleccionar idioma” en la parte superior derecha de esta página.

We’re thrilled to announce that Children’s Center has launched a new Spanish-language version of our website, and it’s live NOW!

With this new feature, we hope to better serve our existing Spanish speaking community with easier access to child abuse prevention information, resources, and services. This is a huge opportunity for Children’s Center to be more inclusive, and to make sure more people have access to all we have to offer children and families who are healing from the trauma of abuse.

There are two easy ways to access the new Spanish-language content when you visit our website:

  • From any page on our website, look to the top right part of the page and you’ll see a new menu that says “Select Language”. Click it, and a menu will appear with available languages. Click on “Spanish”, and the entire website will now display in Spanish!


  • You’ll notice a new floating orange “Translate” button on the left side of your screen. As you scroll down any page on the website, the button will always be available. To switch between English and Spanish, click “Translate” and two small flags will pop up. Click the yellow and red Spanish flag to switch the website into to Spanish, or the red, white, and blue American flag to switch the website into English.

You can use either of these options at any time during your visit to our website to switch between English and Spanish languages.

Try it out right now!

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