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Get Ready to Party Like a Kid!

Children’s Center believes that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood. We exist to help children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and/or neglect to begin their healing journey.

That is why we are dedicating our October 14th inaugural Champions for Childhood Gala to everything that is great about being a child! We hope that through play, fun, and food that you will be reminded of just how important it is to be carefree, make new discoveries, and laugh-out-loud.

We will start the evening with a silent auction that will be accompanied by games you may remember!

Imagine a giant Lite Brite lighting up the evening, while nearby you can bid to have lunch with the people who do the things you thought you might have wanted to be when you grew up; a fire chief, a police officer, a nurse, or an actor!

Maybe you would like to race a giant tricycle around our mini-track and have so much fun that you will want to bid on one!!

You can also remove the funny bone from the life-size patient in an operation-type game, take your chances on pulling out a great big Jenga piece, or do your best to “Connect Four”.

At dinner, we will enjoy a gourmet twist on childhood favorite foods! And for dessert… cake and ice cream! Or you can satisfy your sweet tooth by creating your own mix from our old-fashioned candy display.

So, please visit our website where you can buy a ticket, sponsor a table, or donate an item for our auction!

We look forward to celebrating the joys of childhood with you at our Champions for Childhood Gala on October 14th at the Oregon Golf Club.

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