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Double Your Year End Donation Before 12/31

Guest post by: Karen Rush, Children’s Center Executive Director 

I am so excited to share with you that through December 31, the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Foundation is matching all gifts over $25, up to a total of $25,000! We are so grateful for their support of Children’s Center and their willingness to partner with our community! Please let me share with you about why your gift is so important.

Recently a friend showed me a series of pictures of her grandchildren. As I enthusiastically admired her photos, it occurred to me that these children were exhibiting the very emotions that we want all kids to experience during their childhood; curiosity, wonder, affection, excitement, and security.

When children feel safe, you will see it in their faces, in the way they act, and in their ability to get lost in their play. In contrast children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect are often looking over their shoulder, alert and sensitive to potential danger. Helping those children reclaim their childhood is why Children’s Center exists.
Not long ago, Andy, age 10, came to our clinic because he had witnessed the ongoing abuse of his mother and was now the focus of his stepfather’s physical violence. He was referred to us through DHS and came into the center with his protective caregivers.

From the moment Andy entered our facility he was treated with compassion and respect. From our Clinical Support Coordinator at the front desk, to the interview, medical, and family support teams, Andy experienced active listening so that he would feel heard.

While Andy found a space where he could safely tell his story, his aunt and uncle, who had been given temporary custody, met with a Family Support Specialist. They were given space to share their grief, anger, and fear, and provided with resources to help them navigate through this difficult time. Andy’s aunt wrote,

“Children’s Center was a life-saver! We were given strategies for coping and so much more – Andy loves his new teddy and snuggly blanket, and we came away knowing that we don’t have to face this horrible situation alone!”

Andy is presently in our therapy program, with his family, learning strategies for managing his feelings of fear and uncertainty, as well as learning to communicate what he needs and wants in a positive way. He is very excited for the upcoming holiday season and can’t wait to decorate the Christmas Tree. When he talks about it, his eyes light up and he does a little happy dance.

This kind of healing and hope is so important for children who’ve experienced abuse; not only are they able to enjoy the magic of the holiday season, but it dramatically increases their chances of having a healthy, happy, and successful future.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every child’s future was full of discovery and delight with wonder and joy on every face? Together we can make that happen.

Your gift, whether $25 or $2,500, allows Children’s Center to continue our work of providing assessment, support, treatment, and prevention for children who have experienced abuse/neglect. Remember, Maybelle Clark Macdonald Foundation will match all gifts of $25 or more up to $25,000. When you give, you will be partnering with Children’s Center to build a world where all children feel safe, valued, and heard.

Please accept my best wishes for a lovely holiday season, may it be full of light and love!

– Karen

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