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Creating Adventures and Memories – Supporting Healing and Hope

Giving back is one of CEO Ted Davis’ company, Airstream Adventures’ six core values. In fact, he hopes that someday he will spend more time talking with his team about how the company can give back than on how they run the business.

“We’re almost there,” Ted says with a smile, “Not quite, but almost.”

Ted, who has been the presenting sponsor of the Healing Garden Gala since its inception, recently visited Children’s Center to film an interview with Executive Director, Karen Rush. Ted shared that around the time he was starting his company, longtime supporter Sally LeFeber reached out to him through a colleague at the Airstream dealership in Tacoma.

Sally’s passion for the mission and work of the organization was strong and Ted was immediately drawn to Children’s Center; it felt like a really good fit. After all, his vision for Airstream Adventures is to offer the opportunity for adventures; making family memories that will resonate for generations to come. Ted saw that Children’s Center offered healing to children and families in a way that would change the trajectory of their lives. Like his company, Children’s Center’s work has generational impact; offering kids and families the tools to live healthier and happier, and, have the capacity for adventures and making positive memories.

Ted says sponsoring and giving is the easy part of supporting an organization. “You guys do the heavy lifting,” Ted said, “all I do is write the check.” And he says he feels a strong responsibility to give back, “because if you can, you should”.

Ted pointed out that while COVID has been financially difficult for many people, there are also those who have benefited from the circumstances of the last 18 months. His company is one of those who have benefited. In fact, Airstream can hardly keep up with the orders, with delivery dates for new Airstreams being six months out.

Ted also expressed his concern for how many children may have been in COVID shut down with their abuser.

“It’s hard to know how many children may need Children’s Center’s help once they are again in schools, childcare, community centers and etc., where there are plenty of mandatory reporters,” he said, “I am committed to seeing Children’s Center thrive so that those children have the services they need.”

The photo above was taken when Ted took time out from his Cycle Oregon ride to zip into the hotel dining room to attend our September 2018 Healing Garden Gala. Talk about dedication!

Children’s Center is grateful that Ted, who, despite what he says about only writing the checks, has been an ambassador, a cheerleader, and an unwavering supporter of the Children’s Center for 10+ years! We appreciate you, Ted!


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