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Child Abuse Prevention Month Is Here

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and for the next several weeks, Children’s Center will focus on sharing information, resources, and events to raise awareness of this issue and to point people in the direction to learn more about how they can help.

To kick off the month, our staff participated in two different pinwheel planting ceremonies. The pinwheel was chosen by the Prevent Child Abuse America organization several years ago as the symbol of the national child abuse prevention month to represent their vision for a world when all children grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed in supportive families and communities.

Children’s Center staff joined our nonprofit and Clackamas County partners in two pinwheel plantings: one at the Clackamas County Offices and one at the Children’s Center clinic in Oregon City. Please take a moment to watch the video of the events so you can join us, if only in spirit, in this special day!


It is our hope that over the next two months, each of us can take a moment to watch the pinwheels spin and reflect on how each of our actions affect our community in profound and lasting ways.

Whether like a gentle breeze, small and unseen by others, or visibly impactful, like a gust of wind, each of us can create opportunities for children, families, and our community to move towards healing and to experience a world that is safe, protective, and loving.


How To Get Involved: 

  • Watch our blog, social media pages, and your inbox for tons of information and resources about the issue of child abuse awareness and prevention.



  • Tune in to the Spanish-language radio show Tonalli to hear Prevention Coordinator Liliana Will talk with radio host Ruth Parra about Child Abuse Prevention Month. Our segment will air every Tuesday in April from 2:30-4pm, plus Tuesday 5/5! Click below to listen live, or tune your radios to 90.7 FM.


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