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CACs and Children’s Center: Offering Healing and Hope

Guest post by: Karen Rush, Children’s Center Executive Director

Since becoming the Executive Director of Children’s Center in January of this year, my friends and family have asked me lots of questions about the work we do here.

I am frequently asked questions like;

  • Children’s Center is Child Advocacy Center (CAC) – but what does that mean, exactly?
  • How many CACs are there in Oregon and in the country?
  • What is the history of Children’s Center (and CACs in general)?
  • How can I learn more about the work that CACs do in our community?

To answer these and many other questions I’ve received in the last few months, we’ve decided to write a series of blogs in August that will provide not only a general overview of CACs, but will also share the fascinating story of how Children’s Center was formed almost 20 years ago!

Do you have a burning question about Children’s Center’s history, how we do our work, or CACs in general? Send an email with your questions to pamela@childrenscenter.cc and we will do our best to answer your questions later this month!

I look forward to building more awareness and understanding as we learn together about the ways in which Children’s Center and other CAC’s offer healing and hope to children when they have experienced abuse or neglect.

As always, I am so grateful to you for your support and advocacy on behalf of children in our community. Together we are building a world where every child feels safe, valued, and heard.


– Karen

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