Raising Happy, Healthy and Safe Kids

Raising Happy, Healthy, Safe Kids is loaded with ideas, insights, resources and fresh inspiration for taking on both modern and age-old child-rearing challenges. In the process, it aims to prevent child abuse and neglect. How? By sharing 50 tips based on four central themes identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as keys to child abuse prevention – skilled parents in strong families surrounded by supportive communities:

  • Nurturing parenting – Every parent can use ideas to upgrade their communication and supporting skills with their children.
  • Creating a stable family – Families need organization as well as activities together to thrive.
  • Protecting children from harm – All children need help from caring adults to cope with risks such as bullying, abuse, and racism.
  • Using social support systems to surround families with added strength – Giving and receiving help from community resources and schools give families concrete strategies to deal with stresses.

Written by Karen Lundergan Friesen and Catherine Burns and presented in a personal, relatable format, this go-to guide helps caregivers experience the joy of parenting and success in managing issues that will arise through the childrearing years. The book discusses strategies to raise kids in current, complex environments while having lots of fun at the same time. More than 200 hyperlinked Internet resources provide additional information on the topics discussed.

Available for purchase in paperback and e-book  at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Proceeds benefit Children’s Center.

Orders of 10 or more books may be purchased directly from Children’s Center for $10 per book.  Contact prevention@childrenscenter.cc to learn more!

ISBN-13: 9781088060391

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